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In this Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women Review, we will immerse ourselves into everything there is of what this supplement has to offer.

Namely, we’ll start out by looking at the claims that the manufacturer provides about the supplement. Which we will later assess how true they hold. Furthermore, we’ll examine the vitamin and mineral forms, find out how much of them are there, dissect the additional beneficial substances, as well as we’ll look at the additives present in the supplement.

The goal here is to create a review so thorough that there would not be a need for you to ever look at other supplement reviews for this specific supplement. Therefore, if there is a section or aspect I haven’t covered but you’re interested in, let me know. And I’ll add that to the review.

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Women – Overview

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Women, also known as Vitamin Code Women’s Multivitamin, is a supplement geared towards the well-being of women in their reproductive years that is delivered in a whole food base of fruits and vegetables using the RAW Food-Created Nutrients technology, which in of itself means that the nutrients within the supplement are provided together with their natural cofactors, along with live probiotics and enzymes, just like raw foods.[1]

I bet that was a lot to take in.

Let’s break it down a little.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women's Multivitamin ReviewSo, the Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Women is a supplement:

  1. That is specially created for women in their reproductive age;
  2. That is delivered in a whole food base of fruits and vegetables;
  3. That uses the RAW Food-Created Nutrients technology, which means that the vitamin and minerals in the supplement are provided together with their natural cofactors as well as probiotics and enzymes;
  4. That is essentially just like raw foods.[2]

Additionally, the manufacturer also claims that the nutritional ingredients are delivered in capsules without binders or fillers promising you everything you want and nothing of what you don’t want.[3]

The Supplement Promotes Breast health Heart health Reproductive system health Healthy digestionIn its very core, the Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Women is claimed to be a comprehensive whole food multi-nutrient formula, which benefits are further enhanced by the 23 fruits and vegetables added to the supplement.[4]

The manufacturer lists these as the benefits of the supplement – Breast health, Heart health, Reproductive system health, Healthy digestion with live probiotics and enzymes.[5]

That’s about all that the description page (sale’s page) of the supplement contains.

Let’s see how true that holds when we’re actually looking at it.

The Nutrient Forms Should Be Highly Beneficial

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women IngredientsWhen we look at the label of the supplement after every single vitamin or mineral we can see a star instead of stating the form that the nutrient is in (for example, instead of seeing Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), we see vitamin C* or instead of seeing Niacin (Niacinamide), we see Niacin*).

These stars behind the nutrients represent that the technology of RAW Food-Created Nutrients is at play. Meaning, all of these vitamins and minerals are derived from whole foods together with their natural co-factors.

Thus, in truth, the supplement is as natural as a supplement could really possibly be. Furthermore, if the co-factors are there it does in its chemical essence is very alike the nutrients we consume with our food.

Thus, I would consider this one of the best ways to ensure that the supplement will be beneficial to anyone that’s using it.

There is one thing, however, that is not ideal in regards to it.

Being considered Vegetarian the supplement does not offer any amounts of preformed vitamin A, it only offers Beta-Carotene.

Beta Carotene Is Extremely Abundant In CarrotsAlthough pretty much everyone knows that Beta-Carotene is the precursor of vitamin A and it gets converted into preformed vitamin A in the body, not everyone knows the following.

Our bodies generally struggle with converting Beta-Carotene to usable vitamin A form. This is not to say that this is the case for everyone, however, it is estimated that many people suffer from this.[6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Furthermore, the rates at which Beta-Carotene is converted to vitamin A are pretty miserable.[12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

Therefore, at the end of the day, with this supplement, you might be missing out on the very crucial ingredient for amazing health.

This is, however, easily fixable by adding a proper preformed vitamin A supplement to your daily routine.

Amounts – Not As Abundant As They Ideally Should

The next important thing is to discuss the vitamin and mineral amounts, as well as other amounts of crucial substances.

Overall, they’re not ideal but either way, those will amount for quite a benefit.

Or in other words, ideally we would want all of the nutrient amounts to correspond with the Prime Daily Values, however, as long as the amounts surpass the minimal daily requirements (% Daily Value) where it is appropriate, the supplement should be well-worth the grab.[18]

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women In Regards To Many Nutrients Is Below The Ideal But At Least Equal To The Minimum Daily RequirementsAnd it’s definitely well worth the grab.

First, I have to point out that the supplement does not lack any of the vitamins, minerals, or much desired mixed Carotenoids diversity-wise. On that same note, however, the supplement does not provide any Choline or Inositol.

Certainly, you can do without those but ideally, both of them should also be there.

When it comes to the vitamins, all are equal to or above the minimum daily requirements, which is absolutely necessary to be the case. As regards to the ideal amounts, vitamins like the Vitamin D, K, B7 (Biotin), B9 (Folate), do subscribe to that.

As for minerals, the Vitamin Code Women is pretty much the ideal choice. Well, almost.

It still lacks what most multivitamins lack – the proper amounts of Magnesium un Calcium. And also Manganese and Vanadium are slightly off the ideal.

Other than that, it looks REAL good.

Further Enhancing Of Supplement – Additional Substances

In regards to the additional beneficial substances, the Garden of Life Vitamin Code of Women is very much like the Men’s edition of the supplement. Meaning it certainly has a few things to offer.

In essence, the supplement provides 3 different blends of beneficial substances, as well as one additional substance that is not considered to be a part of any of the blends.

Various Organic Fruits and Vegetables Are Available In First Of The Blends Of The SupplementThe first one of the blends it the Raw Organic Fruit and Vegetable Blend. This is the one that was in a way mentioned in the overview. Meaning, it is a combination of 23 different organically grown fruits and vegetables.

I even did the recounting to make sure there really are 23 and not some other number of them. Overall this blend has the potential of doing a lot of things for your health as any of its ingredients would.[19]

Additionally, this blend will be a great source for dietary fiber, which has the potential of benefiting you in various ways, like reducing the risk of cancer, eliminating toxins from the body, promoting weight loss, improving gut health among other various benefits.[20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26]

The second of the blends is the RAW Probiotic & Enzyme Blend. As the name suggests it is a blend of various probiotics and enzymes, which have a number of benefits.

To be more precise, they are all about improving your gut health. Which translates into improving the digestion and absorption of all the nutrients not only found in the supplement itself but also in the foods you’re eating. That is if you’re taking the supplement before, during or after a meal.[27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32]

The RAW Probiotic & Enzyme Blend of The Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Women Is All About Improving Gut Health And DigestionAnd thirdly, the supplement also offers what they call the RAW Antioxidant & Immune Support Complex. This one consists of RAW Food-Created Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase. And the last singular ingredient is the CoQ10.

Here’s in essence what they will do for you.

Glutathione is the most effective antioxidant there is. Period. It’s considered the “Mother of All Antioxidants” and it is so not without a reason. Whereas Superoxide Dismutase is a great substance for dealing with oxidative stress and free radicals in your body.[33] [34] [35] [36]

Lastly, the CoQ10 is an oxidant that is vitally important for the growth and maintenance of cells. Thus, it goes without saying that it is an absolutely crucial substance for the whole body (as everything is comprised off of cells).[37] [38]

To conclude, I hope you’ll agree, it looks pretty great.

Additives Are As If They Weren’t Even There

While additives are what most multivitamins struggle going to the lengths of having 18 or 19 different ones in each capsule or tablet, this supplement is nothing like that.

The Supplement Has Only Two AdditivesThe Garden of Life Vitamin Code of Women has only two additives – Vegetable Cellulose and Organic Rice Hull – neither of them will harm you in any way.

In fact, they probably are some of the safest ones there is.

Thus, there’s really no need to discuss this section any further.

Final Thoughts On Women’s Multivitamin of Vitamin Code

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Women is not the absolute ideal piece of supplementation, however, I can’t fault it either.

It definitely is a solid choice, especially if you’re really into all that whole food supplementation thing. Furthermore, all of the claims made hold true.

Either way, I have to say, that I do feel that there are better choices on the market in regards to the multivitamin supplements.

If you’re interested you can explore those in an article I’ve comprised for the best multivitamin supplements there is.

Final Thoughts On the Vitamin Code Women's MultivitaminOther than that, I hope the article helped you find the information you were looking for, but if not – definitely let me know in the comments how I could further improve it.

If you have a tiny bit of time, I would highly appreciate even one line in the comments. That helps a ton and will be highly appreciated.

Hope to see you in another article!

Cheers, Stay Healthy & Have a Great One!

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