Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus is a very popular multivitamin supplement nowadays. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon in category “Multivitamin Supplements”. This supposedly also indirectly implies that it might be a great multivitamin supplement as there are very many people that use it daily.

All in all there are numerous assertions made by the manufacturer as to what the benefits of using Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus are. But are they all true? Is it any good? Or is it in fact exactly the opposite? Or maybe Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus is one of the best multivitamin supplements?

In this review we’ll get to the bottom of this.

*This is the second article in two article series about this supplement. If you like a more scientific approach with references considering every ingredient of the supplement, take a look at the first review I did on this supplement.*

Centrum Silver Men Is Not Quite The Most Complete Multivitamin

Overall Assessment of Vitamins for the Centrum Silver Men 50 PlusThere are a few assertions, which can be found on the description page of Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus. All of which are quite misleading.

I guess the most misleading one is the one that states that “Centrum® is backed by over 35 years of nutritional science to bring you the most complete multivitamin.” It in a way gives the impression that this multivitamin by Centrum is the most complete multivitamin you’ll ever find. Meaning the most complete multivitamin on the market.

But this is not quite the case. I do feel that multivitamin supplements like MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K or The Ultra Preventive X are more complete multivitamins in the word’s “complete” very essence.

Overall Assessment of Minerals for the Centrum Silver Men 50 PlusEssentially Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus is not really a complete multivitamin in any sense. Maybe only in the sense that it lacks nutrients completely amount wise to achieve optimal health (see Prime Daily Values). Although, this also wouldn’t be quite true as there are some singular nutrients that are provided in amounts sufficient for good health.

However, overall the nutrient amounts are ridiculously low providing you with barely 100% of Daily Value most of the time. Which is extremely insufficient (more on this in the article on Prime Daily Values). Furthermore, Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus also doesn’t provide some of the essential nutrients at all.

So much for being a ‘complete multivitamin’.

Nutrient Amounts Are Too Low To Actually Provide Any Benefit

This also leads me to the next assertion made. The supplement is “personalized for men and has nutrients to help support muscle function as well as the heart, brain and eyes”. And regarding these, while they are somewhat true, because it does provide with nutrients that ensure that, however, you probably won’t feel any benefit as the amounts of nutrients are way too low.

Even more so it will be because of the additives that are quite literally poisoning and corrupting your body and mind. More on this later.

They say it has more Vitamin D and B6. But does it?

Vitamin D Plus Vitamin B6One last assertion that I want to discuss. It is indirectly implied that the Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus contains more of vitamin D and B6 than typical multivitamins. While this may be true, if we refer to typical multivitamins, however, it’s not quite true, if we consider it in regards to the best multivitamin supplements.

As to Vitamin D, everyone needs at least 1000 IU a day, because on the widespread deficiencies. As to Vitamin B6, the amounts of it are insufficient for any adult, not even considering the fact that men over 50 may need more.

6 Major Reasons Why You Should Definitely Avoid Centrum Silver Men

No. 1 | The Particular Vanadium Form Can Cause Cancer

Usually any vitamin form in the supplement will bring at least some kind of benefit. Therefore, not often will you find instances where a particular vitamin form is completely undesirable. In most cases this comes either in a way of it being unabsorbable for the body, or it brings hazardous effects along with it.

In this case we’re talking about the second instance.

This particular Vanadium form that is present in Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus, is a form that is linked to cancer. Therefore, it is something to rather not consume and avoid.

No. 2 | Supplementing With Nickel Is Quite a Death Wish

I guess only in a multivitamin that implies being ‘the most complete multivitamin’ you’ll find a madness like supplementation with Nickel. Yeah, sure, our body does need a little, little tiny bit of it to carry out certain functions, but in the modern times and pollution, it’s impossible to be Nickel deficient (unless you have a disease of somekind).

It’s rather very likely to overdose on it, especially if you supplement it. Excess Nickel will mess your system up quite a bit to say the least. Furthermore, supplementing it is not really associated with achieving optimal health.

No. 3 | Artificial Colouring Will Quite Literally Give You Cancer

Artificial ColouringBlue 2 Lake, Red 40 Lake and Yellow 6 Lake – all of them are artificial colours. The only reason they are there is to make the capsule/tablet look the way it looks. They have no other use.

Quite literally the supplement would be much better off without this stuff, because not only it is associated with large range of various cancers, it is also known to cause hyperactivity, irritability and other unpleasant behaviour in children. And someone being an adult, does not mean that you’re immune to this.

The bitter truth is that the colouring is only there for the capsule/tablet to look great. So, for Centrum quite literally it’s all about selling the supplement and not the actual health of their customers. Therefore, you might say that their main purpose of business is rather to gain profit and not to improve the health of people.

No. 4 | Hydrogenated Palm Oil Is One of The Worst Additives There Is

Most probably many of you doesn’t know this, but the definition of Hydrogenated Oils is that they are trans fat. Have you heard about the positive effects of them? No?

Yeah, me neither. Because there aren’t any.

Trans fat not only damages cells in our bodies, but also causes ADHD, diabetes, obesity, increases inflammation and has numerous other adverse effects. And above all they do interrupt normal brain function. They mess with your memory, learning ability and cognitive ability as such.

Furthermore, they are no doubt one of the most harmful additives there is to any food, not only supplements. If your health is valuable to you – Trans fat and Hydrogenated Oils is a must avoid.

No. 5 | Titanium Dioxide Used to be Harmless, But Not Anymore

Titanium Dioxide is yet another colouring additive along with those 3 already mentioned. The only difference is that this colour is also found in the nature. And they used to use that in everyday products. Therefore, it used to be harmless.

Titanium Dioxide is in Sweets EverywhereHowever, nowadays it’s not anymore. This is because of food industry’s effort to make food (especially sweets) more pleasant to the eye. So, what they do is – they’ve created nanoparticles.

The problem, however, with nanoparticles is that not only they are too small for the eye (so the colour looks more even), but it’s also to small for our stomachs. Ultimately, our bodies can’t filter it out and excrete from the organism, because of that fact. And this leads to these particles being able to freely wander through our bodies.

Which by the way is extremely bad, because once they find their way in an organ (like lungs, or brains) where it’s not supposed to be, the body reacts to it with inflammation. Essentially this leads to damaging whatever part of the body that those nanoparticles find their way into.

No. 6 | Talc Is Just Another Thing That Might Give Cancer

Another additive that Centrum Siver Men 50 Plus has is Talc or Talcum Powder.

TalcTo be honest, it’s quite a controversial one. There are companies, which are trying to dispute this, but it’s most likely a very potent cancer inducer. At least there is no convincing evidence to support the contrary.

I do believe that till the debate is over, one should avoid it not only in food or supplements, but in general.

The Take Away Message on Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus

Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus is a very poor multivitamin supplement. It’s definitely not something you should use, if you want to improve your health and well-being. My recommendation would be to avoid it at all costs.

Not only the nutrient amounts are essentially way too low, but it has many very dangerous additives. These additives will bring more harm than the miserable amounts of nutrients will do good.

Therefore, essentially one could even say that you are paying money for worsening your health, which I doubt was your goal, when you first purchased this supplement.

Nonetheless, there are in existence multivitamin supplements that are truly beneficial to your health. Check out the guide on the best multivitamin supplements, if you’re interested to learn more.

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