One A Day Men’s Health Formula seems like a great choice for men. It has the vitamins and the minerals to make up the complete multivitamin supplement. At least so it’s claimed. It has a great almost 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. And as of now it is the Amazon’s choice in multivitamins for men.

However, although it seemingly is a great supplement, question still persists! Is it any good or is it quite the opposite? Is it utterly miserable or is it rather one of the best ones that there is?

*This is the second article in two article series about this supplement. If you like a more scientific approach with references considering every ingredient of the supplement, take a look at the first review I did on the supplement.*

One A Day Men’s Health Formula Being ‘Complete’ Is Quite The Overstatement

Overall Assessment of Vitamins for the One A Day Men's Health FormulaDescription page of the supplement does not particularly provide many assertions, however, there are few that I do find misleading and that I do want to go over.

Okay, so the most obvious and immediately evident claim that is made about the supplement is that it is the complete multivitamin. This is not true at all.

While it does offer a number of different nutrients, the list sure is not a complete one. In other words, you are not getting at least nutrient diversity wise everything that you would need to have in a supplement. The supplement will not provide you with Boron, Iodine, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Potassium (optional) and Copper.

And this also leads us to another claim that I want to go over.

The Supplement Is Not Really Designed For The Leading Concerns Of Men

Overall Assessment of Minerals for the One A Day Men's Health FormulaSo, the One A Day Men’s Health Formula will try to tell you that it’s developed “for leading concerns of men”. But is it really?

Not ensuring 5-6 major minerals, furthermore, not providing any amounts of Choline and Inositol, isn’t really what I would call meeting the leading concerns of men. And this does not just end there.

Any other vitamin or mineral within the supplement is in amounts that is far less than optimal for intake (see Prime Daily Values). Therefore, basically using this supplement may help you to not get sick, but certainly it won’t help you to achieve the optimal health.

4 Reasons Why One A Day Men’s Health Formula Is Not One Of The Best Multivitamin Supplements

1. The Supplement Has Way Too Less of Vitamins And Minerals

If we take a look at how much Vitamins and Minerals the One A Day Men’s Health Formula provides, you must say that it is not much. 1.35 mg of Vitamin B1, 1.7 mg of Vitamin B2 and there are so many other examples that on the most part resolve around 100% of Daily Value.

One A Day Men's Health Formula Has Way Too Less Vitamins And MineralsBut the truth is that 100% of Daily Value is not the way to go. In essence that is the minimal daily requirement, which is mandatory to reach. This is because not reaching that kind of nutrient level daily over a period of time will result in a deficiency disease (see Prime Daily Values).

Furthermore, having nutrients in the amounts of 100% Daily Value, will more than likely not boost or improve anything. As I already mentioned, it will only help to avoid sickness.

But the best multivitamin supplements are not just about avoiding sickness, they are all about improving your health and improving your potential.

2. The Supplement Provides With Very Poor Forms Of Vitamins and Minerals

And the miserable amounts of nutrients is not the only problem you’ll encounter in the supplement.

You will also find very poor forms of the nutrients. Meaning, these are the kind of forms that are one of the worst absorption wise. In other words, our bodies struggle to gain benefit from these kinds of nutrient forms.

3. The Supplement Has A Form of Copper That Is Unavailable To The Body

There Essentially No Copper In One A Day Men's Health FormulaNonetheless, there is one mineral form that is particularly unabsorbable. That is the form of Copper.

In One A Day Men’s Health Formula Copper comes in a form of Cupric Oxide. This particular form of mineral in studies have been shown to be unattainable for the body. Therefore, it is completely useless to consume as it will not provide any benefit.

It is exactly like this supplement wouldn’t even contain Copper, because of the poor form that it’s in. Thus, people are ultimately being misled that they receive Copper from the supplement, when in reality they don’t. Which in essence I find worse than just not having it and not claiming to have it.

4. Croscarmellose Sodium Is Something To Preferably Avoid

Croscarmellose Sodium is an additive that is added to the One A Day Men’s Health Formula and is also known as E468.

It’s badness comes from the fact that it can be manufactured from wide variety of raw materials – wood, cotton, corn, wheat. In case it’s made of corn or wheat, it also contains gluten, which is one of the most popular hidden-allergy inducers nowadays.

Gluten Is Not Something That Should Be Present In The Best Multivitamin SupplementsA hidden allergy of gluten can show itself anywhere for up to three days after one has consumed something with gluten. Often times it comes in a form of mental slowness, but it, nonetheless, can come in many different other forms. Either way, it is not something you should have in a supplement.

As of itself Croscarmellose Sodium also holds quite a controversy around it. Supposedly, it is used in pills and capsules to help body better absorb its contents. But it is not that straight forward as there are studies both affirming and denying this fact. Furthermore, in the case of denying the fact, studies don’t just deny it, they actually claim that it worsens the nutrient absorption.

One other thing with this additive is that it can cause intestinal blockage.

The Takeaway Message On One A Day Men’s Health Formula

Ultimately, One A Day Men’s Health Formula isn’t that great of a supplement.

The poor nutrient amounts and forms it has will struggle to provide any meaningful, or even the smallest of benefit. Which essentially makes this supplement an extremely poor choice to go for.

On the positive side, the supplement uses completely safe additives, except for one, which I believe shouldn’t be considered too harmful. However, does it make sense to use a supplement because most of its ingredients are okay to use?

I think not.

So, rather avoid this one and opt for a multivitamin that is actually worth consuming, that has the potential of improving your overall health and cognition.

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  • Garen

    May 15, 2018 - 05:25

    Hey Matiss,

    I remember people at GNC told me that One A Day vitamins weren’t all that helpful. I do remember thinking they are just telling me that so I will purchase their vitamins which are like $40. However, what are your thoughts on the vitamins by GNC?

    Wow, now that I see it laid out in front of me it looks like it’s not very good for Vitamin A, multiple B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Plus it’s lacking in calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.

    I do need to get back taking a daily vitamin. I used to take one each day, but for some reason, I did stop. Which daily vitamin would you recommend for a 33-year-old male?

    I did check out your list of best multivitamin supplements but are there any that you would personally recommend to me?

    • Matiss Dzelve

      May 17, 2018 - 07:29

      Hey, Garen!

      GNC is something that quite frankly I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Ever.
      Although, some of their supplements do contain good amounts of nutrients, there are quite a few problems with them generally. First, they pretty much for every single nutrient use the cheapest, the hardest to absorb forms possible. You won’t benefit from them that much. Second, the additive list is a HARD NO. Flavors, sugars, dyes and other ingredients. Third, I wouldn’t trust their quality. Labdoor has stated for them to be somewhat okay, but other than that it’s purely their own subjective view on what quality they offer and implement.

      About 15 minutes ago, I fully updated and revised the list of the best multivitamin supplements.
      Generally for a 33-year-old-male any of the top three supplements will work the best. Depending on how tight on a budget you are or not, you can also go for the No. 5. It will also do great.

      But if you’re still not sure, read through the whole list of supplements. And just decide on the one that makes you the most excited. They all have the potential to do great things for your health. And obviously, if you’re still not sure – you can’t go wrong with the No. 1 on that list.

      Cheers and stay heathy, Garen!
      Have an awesome day!

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