Rainbow Light Men’s One isn’t like the most multivitamin supplements out there. It does not provide you countless claims like many others do, but it does provide value. It is also one of the best selling multivitamins on Amazon.

Nonetheless, these superficial facts about the supplement is not enough to determine, if it’s actually any good. It may or may not be. However, most importantly – is Rainbow Light Men’s One one of the best multivitamin supplements?

No better way to do this than study it in-depth and find out. And this is exactly what we’re going to do in this review.

*This is the second article in two article series about this supplement. If you like a more scientific approach with references considering every ingredient of the supplement, take a look at the first review I did on the supplement.*

Rainbow Light Men’s One Will Not Try To Sell You Claims

Overall Assessment of Vitamins for the Rainbow Light Men's OneIf you take a look at the description page of Rainbow Light Men’s One, you will find that it is one of the most humble description pages for multivitamin supplements out there.

It is not trying to sell you on claims like Vitafusion Multivitates, Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus or many other supplements does.

Essentially all that you will find on its description page is the sole assertions as to what is in it. Furthermore, the supplement is referred to as a “Comprehensive, one-a-day nutritional support for heart, reproductive, and prostate health.” Which are the statements that it totally lives up to. 

And yeah, it is not an absolutely comprehensive multivitamin in a sense that it contains absolutely everything you need daily (as we’ll find out). However, it is a pretty good shot at what a comprehensive multivitamin should look like (more on that in a bit).

Nonetheless, there is one claim that does not exactly show on the description page of the multivitamin.

Is This Supplement Really The #1 Natural Men’s Multivitamin Brand?

Overall Assessment of Minerals for the Rainbow Light Men's OneIt is a claim that shows up on the supplement itself. It states that Rainbow Light Men’s One is “#1 Natural Men’s Multivitamin Brand”. This essentially implies that this supplement should be of #1 Natural Men’s Multivitamin, which seems a little far fetched.

First, according to what is it the “#1 Natural Men’s Multivitamin Brand”? What were the other multivitamins considered for that title?

I did try to find what is then the #2 and #3 of Natural Men’s Multivitamin Brand, but nothing popped up. In fact, the more I researched it, the more it seemed to be a some sort of self proclaimed title. And that I find unnecessary, unfair, but above that also misleading.

Second, does it imply that Rainbow Light Men’s One is a natural multivitamin?

It seems so! But is the supplement really out of natural sources only? Definitely not.

It does have some pretty incredible additional beneficial substances, which are from natural sources. However, nor the vitamins, nor the minerals all are of natural sources. Ultimately, it could be regarded as natural partly, but saying that it all is that – that’s just not the whole truth.

I have to admit that essentially people might be led to believe that it’s a whole natural multivitamin based on that writing. But as I already implied that is not the case.

2 Great Things About Rainbow Light Men’s One

1. It Provides Insane Value In Terms of Additional Beneficial Substances

The supplement may have its downsides, however, it provides insane value in regards to the substances that are added additionally to the vitamins and minerals.

Spirulina Is One Among The Many Additional Beneficial Substances That Are In Rainbow Light Men's OneIn all totality Rainbow Light Men’s One provides 2 extremely beneficial substances along with 3 different blends. And all of these will be of benefit providing you with great antioxidants, loads of dietary fiber, enzymes to help you to digest and get the most out not only from the supplement, but also from food, increasing your libido, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as immunity overall and providing other great benefits.

This supplement truly is a masterpiece in terms of additional beneficial substances.

2. It Has Only The Harmless Additives

Rainbow Light Men’s One has 7 different additives to hold all of the ingredients together.

It may seem like a big number, because the best multivitamin supplements typically have about 3-4 additives. However, it is not the amount of them that counts. It is the safety of them.

And regarding all of the additives in this supplement they are more than just harmless. In fact, some of them are even slightly beneficial.

3 Reasons Why This Supplement Overall Is Not That Great

1. It Lacks Many Of The Vitamins Amount Wise

The supplement does provide all of the vitamins nutrient diversity wise that are needed daily. However, some of the vitamins are present in amounts that are less than what would be optimal (see Prime Daily Values).

And sadly this does not concern just 1 or 2 vitamins, but 6 of them.

And although some of the beneficial substances can slightly make up for that, it is still way too less for optimal health.

2. Many Of The Vitamins That It Has Are In Poor Or Average Forms

However, problems with vitamins does not end there. There are also some concerns regarding vitamin forms.

See, although many of the vitamins are in amounts that seemingly are sufficient, their forms are not that great. Essentially, all of them are the cheapest forms available.

A multivitamin supplement with almost all poor or average forms of vitamins is not really a good choice to consume.

3. It Lacks Many Of The Basic Minerals Needed Daily

Rainbow Light Men’s One seemingly provides you with 8 of complete amount of 12 minerals that are essential to have daily.

Rainbow Light Men's One Essentially Has Only Half Of The Minerals Needed DailyHowever, Magnesium and Calcium are pretty much nonexistent in this supplement as both of their forms are very poor absorption wise as well as their amounts are quite negligible. Therefore, essentially it only contains half of the minerals that are needed daily.

One could say that, again, many of the beneficial substances slightly make up for that. But that is not enough. Ultimately, it provides way too less of minerals to be among the best multivitamin supplements.

The Take Away Message On Rainbow Light Men’s One

Rainbow Light Men’s One overall is a decent supplement, but far from an awesome one.

The lack of certain vitamins, half of the minerals as well as those vitamins being in poor or average forms for intake are just something that you can’t really pardon. The additional beneficial substances although definitely heightens its worth, does not make up for it overall.

If you have a choice and this supplement isn’t some random gift from your relatives or friends, you’d be much better off with any multivitamin supplement on this list than using this one.

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