Vitafusion MultiVites is one of the most bought multivitamin supplements there is. Consequently, it is also one of the best sellers on Amazon in category “Multivitamin Supplements”.

Superficially it looks pretty good. It offers much needed vitamins in not hard-to-swallow pills and is a tasty alternative to the traditional multivitamins. But is Vitafusion Multivites really that good of a supplement? Is it one of the best multivitamin supplements? Or is it rather something avoidable?

In this review I’ll cover all of that and more.

*This is the second article I’ve done on this particular multivitamin supplement. If you like a more scientific approach with a reference added to every single statement that I make and considering every ingredient of the supplement, take a look at the first review I did on this supplement.*

Vitafusion MultiVites Is Like The Worst Fusion of Essential Vitamins And Minerals

Overall Assessment of Vitamins for the Vitafusion MultiVitesVitafusion MultiVites description page doesn’t offer too much assertions by the manufacturer. But it’s enough to say that they are quite misleading.

The first sentence on the description page you’ll find saying that “vitafusion™ MultiVites provide a fusion of essential vitamins, minerals and natural fruit flavors in a delicious gummy”. It does not exactly say that it contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals. Yet.

The second sentence goes like this: “This complete multivitamin is specially formulated for adults and provides a great-tasting and convenient alternative to traditional, hard-to-swallow pills.” They say that it’s the complete multivitamin, therefore people are led to believe that in essence it contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals. But this is not true at all.

This supplement lacks completely not only Vitamin B1 and B2, but pretty much every single mineral that are needed daily. In fact, it doesn’t stop there.

Overall Assessment of Minerals for the Vitafusion MultiVites

Although Vitafusion MultiVites has many of the essential vitamins, the amounts that they are in are pretty much never sufficient for optimal health (for more info see Prime Daily Values). Furthermore, the supplement is also claimed to be an excellent source of vitamins B5, B6, B9 and B12 – but this is very far from the truth.

So, much for being the complete multivitamin.

Natural Fruit Flavours May Sound Good, But Actually Are Not

Within the quote I already cited the manufacturer of Vitafusion MultiVites makes us perceive that it is a good thing that there are natural flavors in the supplement. But it’s not.

Yes, while these flavors are certainly better than the artificial alternatives, it is quite arguable, whether they are healthy. Often times what will happen is, these natural flavors can contain some pretty nasty additives, which make them even worse than the artificial colouring.

Traditional Pills Are Hard To Swallow? Really!?

Rock-Hard-To-Swallow, Really?The last assertion I want to touch upon is regarding the statements of hard-to-swallow pills. Meaning, Vitafusion MultiVites is asserted to be the easy-to-swallow variation of pills, but pretty much all other pills of supplements are quite the opposite in this regard. Supposedly.

But this is also not true. For example both ProThera MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula and Nature’s Way Alive! MaxDaily can be taken without water and still are easy swallowable. They might not be as tasty as this supplement, but they certainly are not distasteful or hideous.

Furthermore, Vitafusion MultiVites being tasty has its own upsets.

3 Reasons Why Vitafusion MultiVites Sucks And You Should Never Use It

Too Less of Vitamins, Pretty Much No Minerals

This is something that I already touched upon, but when considering things that are bad about the supplement, I couldn’t not mention this. Largely because it is extremely important that your everyday multivitamin supplement has all the nutrients it has to have (see Prime Daily Values).

This supplement does not have all of the required vitamins as well as it lacks pretty much every single mineral.

Essentially, it is no better than candy, because in addition to it you will have to take another multivitamin to get every nutrient you need.

Nonetheless, the actual vitamin and mineral forms also suck, because by far most of the time they are not the best forms for consumption and benefit.

Vitafusion MultiVites Will Mess With Your Brain And Lower Your Intelligence

The main reason, why this is a such great selling product, is because it is so tasty and “easy-to-swallow”. But where does that tastiness come from?

It comes from the ingredients – Glycose Syrup and Sucrose. Both of these are a form of sugar. In fact, Glycose Syrup is the same thing that High Fructose Corn Syrup is. It’s only a different name to hide this incredibly harmful additive.

Having both of these substances in your everyday supplement will quite literally make you stupider. And not only that. By using these additives daily you are also likely to gain weight, develop cancer, liver damage, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, eating disorders, aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity, learning difficulties and many, many more adverse effects.

Therefore, if you want a multivitamin supplement that actually makes you better, you can’t consume this stuff.

Colours And Flavours Will Also Not Make You Healthier

Artificial Colouring And Flavouring Is Not Good For YouThere are 3 different colours within the Vitafusion MultiVites. All of them seem to be out of natural resources, however, that does not justify their use. Furthermore, it does not mean that they are healthy. In fact, colouring is something to rather always avoid in everything that you eat.

But all in all colours is a small issue compared to flavours.

Flavours are likely to contain hidden harmful additives, therefore, one should always seek more information from the manufacturer to determine, if these are safe to intake.

However, in this particular situation I did decide not to do that as it is pretty clear from the first two reasons, why this supplement sucks, that one should not have it as the daily multivitamin supplement. If you do, you will be missing out on many of the essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, you’d be poisoning your body and mind with both of those sugar additives.

The Take Away Message On Vitafusion MultiVites

Vitafusion MultiVites isn’t really a great choice when it comes to the multivitamins. It’s, in fact an extremely poor one.

It won’t provide you with enough nutrients to have the perfect health. Furthermore, it will quite literally poison your body and mind because of the sugar additives that it has. And there are also other potentially very dangerous effects it may have on you.

This supplement being one of the Amazon best sellers is the false evidence of quality supplement. You’ll be much, much (in fact, infinite number of times – actually not an exaggeration) better off using something like ProThera MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K or Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X, or other actually great multivitamins.

These are the supplements that will actually make you better and healthier without the adverse effects of the additives.

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  • GBIG

    March 31, 2018 - 03:15

    Thank you for this review on Vitafusion MultiVites. Thank you also for actually writing two reviews on this topic! Personally I am not into all the technical aspects of vitamin and minerals, so I am grateful for this more generalised review.

    I did not know that glycose syrup and high fructose corn syrup are actually the same product – see you learn something every day. To be honest though, when I take a supplement I am actually not 100% sure of which vitamin my diet is lacking. I most just take supplements so I feel better and because I believe that I am looking after myself better. I know I am alone in thinking this.
    I was just wondering, how do you “know” which exact vitamin or mineral you are lacking so you target that one?

    • Matiss Dzelve

      April 2, 2018 - 10:43

      Hey, GBIG!

      No, you are not alone in your thinking at all! The ultimate goal with supplements is always to fell better and to be better, to perform better.

      There pretty much are only two ways, how to know that you are a certain vitamin or mineral deficient. The first is to take some blood tests and measure certain parameters. However, not for all vitamins and minerals this is possible. For example, the amount of vitamin D can be pretty reliably determined by taking certain blood tests. However, Calcium can’t be done that way as our body stores calcium also in our bones.
      The second is the most ‘not fun’ so to say. Meaning, you can reliable determine that you’re heavily missing a certain nutrient, if you develop a certain deficiency disease. For example, if you develop scurvy, you are lacking vitamin C.

      Ultimately, if you’re not sure that you are definitely and heavily lacking a certain nutrient, it’s better to target all of them. This is because targeting only one of them can create a disbalance of that nutrient within your organism, which can lead to negative effects. There are also studies that prove this idea.

      Ultimately though, we are lacking nutrients in our everyday life. Lacking for optimal (the best kind of) health that is. I have an article on do we need vitamin supplements, where I go in depth on that.

      I do appreciate your input! And thank you for the question!
      Have A Great One!

  • Steve & Kris

    March 13, 2018 - 04:33

    You have certainly found a lot of reasons not to like this product. I am really glad I read your review. I have been looking for a good multivitamin, but I think I will stay away from Vitafusion.

    It really is crazy all of the added ingredients they put into a vitamin. After all, aren’t these supposed to be good for you? Instead, it’s just putting more colored dye, etc. into our bodies.

    I will check out the links to the other vitamins you mentioned and continue to do some additional research. Thanks again for sharing this review!

    • Matiss Dzelve

      March 14, 2018 - 20:53

      Hey, Steve & Chris!

      Yeah, it’s really sad that in all essence some companies do appear to be purely profit driven. And that their interests purely resolve around what sells, and not what is actually healthy and good for the people.
      I’m really glad you found this review helpful!

      Have a Great One!

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