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In this article, we’ll take a truly in-depth look into the best multivitamin supplements for 2019.

We’ll do this in two steps. First, we’ll establish the criteria for recognizing the best multivitamin supplements out there. And then we’ll take a look into the actual list of them.

My hope is to make this as an extremely resourceful guide that is also easy to read, understand and follow along.

So, let’s get right into it.

The Best Multivitamin Supplements 2019 –
What Are They Actually Like?

The Nutrient Amounts Must Be Corresponding To The PDVs

The first incredibly important aspect of multivitamins is how much nutrients (vitamins, minerals and other substances) it actually provides.

Prime Daily Values Are Key In Determining The Best Multivitamin SupplementsMany will try to tell you that 100% of DV (or NRV, or any other that type of value, which is typically shown on the supplement label) represents how much we need of certain nutrients daily to be healthy. But it is not like that at all.

In truth, these values represent the absolute minimum of how much you must consume daily in order to not get sick. Hear me, when I say it – NOT TO GET SICK. Instead of – to have awesome health.

The actual amounts you need daily for best health is represented by the Prime Daily Values (PDVs), which all of the best multivitamins should be and will be striving to meet.

The Nutrient Forms Must Be As Beneficial As Possible

Vitamin and mineral forms are extremely important when considering the best multivitamin supplements.

This is because not all nutrient forms the human body can absorb well or even good.

There are nutrient forms that are absorbed extremely poorly (like Magnesium Oxide), that are absorbed extremely well (like Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate), that are not absorbable at all, but are used in multivitamins (like Cupric Oxide), and even forms that are harmful and are for example linked to cancer (like Sodium Metavanadate).

Therefore, as I mentioned, it is extremely important to know what kind of nutrient forms are in the multivitamin. The best kinds will, of course, have only the most beneficial forms.

The Additives Within The Multivitamin Supplements

Additives Must Be HarmlessMany think out of ignorance that it does not matter what kind of additives there are in a supplement and, therefore, they do not pay attention to that. However, it does matter greatly.

It can be all the difference between a terrible, bad, good or an awesome multivitamin supplement.

Having harmful additives are not only taxing on the body, but it also promises serious side effects usually in long-term use. Whereas, harmless additives does none of that.

In spite of that, however, the possibility of some minor side effects for select few people can’t be completely ruled out.

So, the goal for the best multivitamins is to have additives that pose very little to no adverse effects in regards to regular consumption.

Quality And Manufacturing Practices Have To Be Top-Notch

It is also important how the multivitamin is being manufactured and what practices are used.

This is the stuff that they do not put on the labels, yet again, it’s one of the key factors in determining the best quality supplements.

Low-quality multivitamins can potentially offer a quite unpredictable variety of side effects and therefore be extremely harmful. This is because various incidental substances can be added to the supplement (or created) unintentionally during the manufacturing processes if appropriate care is not taken.

Various Beneficial Substances Will Only Add To The Benefits

Additional Beneficial Substances Do Matter When Determining The Best Multivitamin SupplementsAs already discussed earlier, having the right kinds of nutrient forms and amounts are paramount to providing our bodies and minds with everything they need. Yet there are all kinds of other substances that have the potential to improve our well-being.

Often times these kinds of substances are also added to the multivitamins to just further magnify the positive impact. And all in all, they can also make quite the difference.

So, as our fifth factor, we’re also evaluating and taking into account the various beneficial substances that any one supplement offers.

Obviously, it’s not the primary focus, but it’s significant enough to be mindful about it.

The Price Of The Multivitamin Supplements Must Be Reasonable

I mean even great multivitamins are sometimes overpriced.

However, it’s not common at all.

It’s way more common to have the lower end of multivitamins to be overpriced. And that can go ridiculous lengths. Meaning it’s super common for supplements to be “reasonably priced”, but the value you’re actually getting is just miserable and the cost should, therefore, be at least 10 times smaller.

But superficially it’s unnoticeable or is masked by skillful marketing practices.

The truth is that this is very common among multivitamin supplements that are priced downwards of $15–$20.

The Best Multivitamin Supplements Are Reasonably PricedOn that same note, the best multivitamin supplements are about 3-5 times more expensive than mediocre or poor ones, but they’re also about 100-500 times more beneficial (and I’m being modest here). They outclass the poor end of multivitamins in every single category by far in terms of value that they provide.

Don’t get me wrong though, proper multivitamins are not a three digit number.

They are a $1 – $2 a day investment for your best health.

11 Best Multivitamin Supplements – The List

No. 1 | Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X

The Best Multivitamin Supplement For 2019 – The Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive XHere’s what I believe is the best supplement right now on the market. The Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X.

It is a high quality, high-potency, highly beneficial piece of supplemental marvel. I remember when I first time came across it, I was just ecstatic.

Douglas Laboratories is a manufacturer that without a doubt can be considered as one of the best and highest quality supplement manufacturers out there.

Their subscriptions to quality include cGMP and NSF, as well as they, exceed the standards of USP for supplement manufacturing. All of the supplements they create are GMO-free.

Ultra Preventive X offers everything you need for amazing health from a nutritional standpoint. It provides all of the essential vitamins, except for vitamin K1, which, however, is made up for through the organic blends that are added to the supplement. Additionally, there’s some vitamin K2 to the mixture.

The supplement contains all of the 12 crucial minerals as well as the much-needed Carotenoids, Choline, and Inositol.

In terms of amounts, the Ultra Preventive X supplies with everything that the PDVs define as necessary apart from vitamin E and Calcium, both of which are insignificantly lacking. In fact, the supplement is so incredibly abundant that it may even be considered too potent.

Ultra Preventive X offers Lemon Bioflavonoids as One of The Beneficial SubstancesIn that sense, we should only be somewhat concerned with one of its nutrients – the vitamin B6, rest are all good. But even in the amounts that this vitamin is provided, it is rather unlikely to be causing any kind of negative effects due to being too much.

Yet for those that are very keen on being on the very safe side, I would advise going with the 4 Tablet serving size (instead of the typical 8).

And even in that respect, the supplement would still earn the No. 1 spot on this list as to how diverse and comprehensive it is, and as well as how much flexibility you have with it.

Ultra Preventive X offers a lot of extremely helpful beneficial substances. There’s the N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Betaine HCl, Quercetin, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Papain, Bromelain, Grape Seed Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Rutin and two remarkable organic blends – The Organic Phytonutrient Blend and The Proprietary Organic Fruit And Vegetable Blend.

All of which potentially can offer an incredible variety of beneficial effects to your health.

And lastly, the best thing of all – this particular supplement uses only additives that are completely harmless to health.

Grape Seed Extract is Yet Another Beneficial Substance in Ultra Preventive XSo, all in all, it is a no-brainer.

And being such it also costs slightly more than the rest of the pack. But again, depending on whether you’re going with the 4 Tablet or 8 Tablet serving size it will match up differently.

The 8 Tablet option will be the more expensive one. Namely, it typically is $77.70 for a supply of 30 days, which is $2.59 a day. But it’s massive in terms of how extraordinary it is then.

If you do, however, decide to choose the 4 Tablet option, it will then be the $77.70 for a supply of 60 days. Which then is less than what most supplements on this list cost – $1.29 a day. Which is such a bargain, to be honest.

Keep in mind though that you don’t have to go with the serving size option you initially chose for the whole bottle. As I mentioned already earlier, it offers great flexibility so you can mix it up whenever you feel the need to.

The price of $77.70 is available on the Pure And Balanced (available also internationally). In fact, you’ll get an additional discount if you decide on purchasing through this link. It also helps the website immensely.

You can also go with sellers like Amazon, but they charge way more for the very same product.

No. 2 | Pure Encapsulations Ultra Nutrient

Pure Encapsulations Ultra Nutrient Review – 2nd Best MultivitaminPure Encapsulations Ultra Nutrient is a supplement extremely similar and with its own weaknesses and strengths over the Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X.

Pure Encapsulations is one of those manufacturer’s, which also is among the very, very best in the space of supplements.

They genuinely care for the quality and they go after it hard – GMP, while also exceeding the USP standards.

On top of that, there’s the collaborative work with third-party laboratories, which ensure the potency and purity of the raw materials and finished products by the means of independent testing. No GMO.

The Ultra Nutrient offers all but two of the essential vitamins. It misses vitamin A in the form of preformed retinol and vitamin C and K1, which I believe is the biggest downside to this vitamin supplement. Whereas, as for the minerals – there is absolutely everything present.

There is however more to dislike because there’s no such thing as the much-needed Choline or Inositol. But as regards to the Carotenoids, they’re there but in quite modest amounts. More would be much more preferred.

Hawthorn Is A Beneficial Substance Added To The Ultra NutrientWhen it comes to additional beneficial substances though – it’s eximious. Meaning, it’s nothing short of exceptional and outstanding. The Ultra Nutrient provides with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hawthorn, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Ginger as well as Coenzyme Q10.

And on top of that you’re also getting decent amounts of Glutathione, which is the most savage antioxidant there is. It’s even considered “The Mother Of All Antioxidants” as to how much value it embodies. In that sense listing, all of its direct and indirect benefits here would take forever.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

And lastly, both of the two additives it has are completely harmless and okay to use for long-term.

As regards to the price, it is quite a lot up front. Meaning, it goes for S127,60 per bottle. However, do keep in mind that this is devised for 120 servings (3 capsules a serving) or in other words 120 days. Ultimately, making it a $1.06 a day, which is one on the cheapest end of the list.

The nutrient amounts are, however, much more potent if the serving is 6 capsules, which was also how the supplement was originally made and I believe is the best approach in regards to it.[7]

All in all, it makes it then a $2,13 a day of a supplement, which is very reasonable considering the value that the Ultra Nutrient displays.

Either way, you can always half-ass-it with the 3 capsules serving size. Though, do keep in mind that going all in will be much more beneficial and does not pose any threat of having any of the nutrients in amounts that are too much. And that even if you would to use the supplement daily for the rest of your life.

No. 3 | Thorne Research Meta-Fem

Thorne Research Meta-Fem Review – Awesome SupplementThorne Research Meta-Fem is originally marketed as a supplement for women after menopause, which is not what it’s actually about.

Meaning, I’m not trying to fetch you guys it because all of you are women after 50 if that makes sense. Haha.

Heck, I myself am not a woman over 50 and I’ve been sitting on this one for quite a while in the past.

Thus, if we forget about the labels and marketing and everything in relation to that and just purely look at it from an objective standpoint. What kind of ingredients it has, how they come around the criteria established and what can they actually do for your health.

Then the Thorne Research Meta-Fem is one of the absolute best multivitamin supplements out there at the moment.

Thorne Research is a supplement manufacturer, which I’ve been really passionate about purely out of their dedication of creating the highest quality supplements out there. And they truly live up to that.

This manufacturer is known for doing insane amounts of testing. Absolutely no compromises made in making the supplements. Everything to make it as high of a quality as it can be with the most up-to-date technology available.

Wild Yam is One Of The Beneficial Substances in Thorne Research Meta-FemAll to ultimately, fulfill and exceed many of the quality standards set, like the impossible TGA and the well-known NSF and cGMP. They are also the only supplement company to collaborate with the universally known Mayo Clinic.

The Thorne Research Meta-Fem is an extremely well-rounded and comprehensive supplement.

It is one of the most abundant multivitamins that offer nutrients in amounts that are within the very safe margin that poses absolutely no health concerns of overdosing anything.

It offers every single vitamin of the 13 essential vitamins, as well as it provides all of the 11 crucial minerals. On top of that, it also adds Choline and other beneficial substances.

These substances that the supplement has, are geared towards sexual well-being and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels. These are though just some of the many benefits that the Dong Quai, Wild Yam, and Hesperidin display.[8] [9] [10]

As for the amounts of the nutrients, some more of B2, B6, B12, Choline, Calcium, and Magnesium would be very much preferred. Which may sound like a lot that there’s missing, yet in truth, there’s not. It will be an amazing standalone supplement if you’re not planning to add any singular supplements to the pack.

Sadly though, it does not offer any Inositol.

As for the additives – it only employs the very safe ones, some of which are actually also beneficial.

All in all, there is no doubt that the Thorne Research Meta-Fem is an incredible… Incredible multivitamin supplement.

What regards the price, it costs $51.00 for a bottle of 30 days, which is the equivalent of $1.70 per day. The best part is, however, that it will cost even less if you’ll use this link (iHerb). It will provide a discount as well, furthermore, the seller is known for being very accessible by offering extremely cheap international shipping.

Alternatively, if they’re out of stock (as not rarely they are) the best option I’ve found is Amazon.

No. 4 | Thorne Research Extra Nutrients

Thorne Research Extra Nutrients Review – One Of The Best Multivitamin SupplementsIn the past, the Thorne Research Extra Nutrients has been the king of this list. Not anymore.

Nevertheless, though, it’s still an absolutely amazing supplement that ranks high on this list of the best multivitamin supplements for 2019.

It is the second appearance of Thorne Research on this list already.

In a few words, Extra Nutrients is an extremely abundant supplement that is augmented by some interesting twists and tweaks in the sense of additional beneficial substances.

The supplement offers every single one of the 13 essential vitamins with the addition of vitamin K2, making it a total of 14 vitamins. Furthermore, it is no less plentiful in terms of the minerals offering all of the 12 fundamental ones including the optional Potassium.

When it comes to the amounts for all of these though, vitamin B2 and B6 do not live up to the PDV by quite a margin. In that sense, B12 is only slightly off. Whereas, the Magnesium and Calcium will be very much in need for some support through the singular supplements, something that is extremely common for multivitamin supplements anyway, even the best ones.

There are some decent amounts of Carotenoids, some amounts of Choline, and much like it was in the case with Meta-Fem – none of Inositol.

Bilberry Extract Is A Beneficial Substance in The Thorne Research Extra NutrientsWhen it comes to beneficial substances, some of these drawbacks pretty much become irrelevant though.

The Extra Nutrients awards with Quercetin Phytosome, Bilberry extract, Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride, Trans-Resveratrol, as well as the most powerful of Carotenoids Astaxanthin.

The additives are harmless, some even being beneficial.

In terms of the price, it comes at being slightly more expensive than the Meta-Fem. $58.00 a month (30 days), which is $1.93 a day. It will, however, be less than that if you’ll opt for buying it through this link (iHerb), which will also grant you a small discount.

Again, alternatively, if they’re out of stock (which most of the time they are) Amazon is the best and most viable choice.

No. 5 | Klaire Labs Multithera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K

MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K ReviewThe Multithera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K has always been an incredible piece of addition to one’s well-being. And this is both in regards to when it was a Prothera and after the rebranding when it became directly of Klaire Labs.

It is this wondrous supplement that goes out of its way to provide all of the primary necessary nutrients. There certainly are also some beneficial substances to the blend, however, the main emphasis really is on the primary nutrients.

Klaire Labs is the last of the four very top-notch supplement manufacturers out there. They’re all about clean, pharmaceutical grade formulations being the very model for nutritional supplements, in which they put consistent emphasis on purity, potency, and performance through their cGMP manufacturing facility.

The Multithera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K offers all of the 13 crucial vitamins without any exceptions. That is complemented by all of the essential minerals, as well as Choline and Inositol. Which is then rounded off by only harmless and beneficial additives to make it as hypoallergenic of a substance as possible.

Citrus Bioflavonoids Are One Of The Few Beneficial Substances in MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin KIn terms of the nutrient amounts, it embodies all of the lacklusters that multivitamins typically do – Carotenoids, vitamin B12, Calcium, and Magnesium.

It’s not to say that it’s way, way too insufficient in these, it’s only to note that these should be preferably added to ensure complete compliance with the PDVs.

It won’t be the end of the world, however, if one decides not to.

As in beneficial substances, the supplement is quite modest. It adds only the para-Aminobenzoic Acid and the Citrus Bioflavonoid Complexes. These while certainly are beneficial, they are not as propitious as those in the supplements on this list before this one.

As I mentioned already earlier though, Multithera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K is all about the emphasis on providing the primary nutrients for one’s best health. And in that sense, it definitely does a great job.

As for the price, it typically prices lower than its predecessors on this list – it’s $48.40 for a 30 supply, which is $1.61 a day.

For international shipping, it’s slightly cheaper than that though pricing at $46.04 ($1.54/day). That price will be further reduced by a small discount if you opt for helping us grow and use this link (PureAndBalance).

As the picture there indicates, you might get the old branding, but it’s still the same product.

All in all this option can certainly also be used natively by the U.S. residents. Other than that, and especially if you much rather prefer the new branding, Amazon is always a Great Option.

No. 6 | Nature’s Plus Source of Life Gold

Nature's Plus Source of Life Gold Review – Huge Variety in Beneficial SubstancesNature’s Plus Source of Life Gold is definitely a supplement, which lives up to its name through its Golden quality. It is the single most abundant supplement on this list in terms of various beneficial substances that it adds to the table.

This exceptional supplement is a true pinnacle of how resourceful and diverse a supplement can be.

It’s an insane whole food supplement, which while being hypoallergenic, gluten-free, vegetarian, also offers rich amounts of the essential nutrients needed for your very best health.

Nature’s Plus is a manufacturer, which goes pretty hard after embracing all of the natural and organic that is in existence. They are NSF and cGMP certified, as well as they have a pretty long history of providing supplements.

But to even further attest to the quality they embody, they also offer the 100% Consumer Satisfaction Guarantee, which basically means that they will refund, credit or replace any product you’re not fully satisfied with. All to guarantee your satisfaction.

Nature’s Plus Source of Life Gold offers 11 of the crucial vitamins directly. Sadly, it leaves out the preformed vitamin A. As for vitamin K1, it does not provide the raw amounts of it. However, you will acquire some amounts of it through the various diverse blends of the supplement. Additionally, the supplement adds also the vitamin K2.[11] [12] [13]

Organic Mushroom Blend Including Oyster Mushroom – One of The Very Many Beneficial Substances in Natures Plus Source of Life GoldWhen it comes to Minerals, we see a similar situation. The supplement offers 9 of the crucial and 1 of the optional minerals.

Additionally the two of the missing minerals – Vanadium and Molybdenum – are present in the different blends of the Source of Life Gold.[14] [15] [16] [17]

As for the amounts of both vitamins and minerals, they’re very abundant (but there supposedly are few shortages nonetheless). In the supplement, you are also getting amazing amounts of Carotenoids and Inositol, as well as somewhat okay amounts of Choline.

Next, the additional beneficial substances of the supplement. In this regard, as I briefly touched upon already, it is very, very abundant. In fact, it’s completely busted in terms of how diverse and resourceful it is.

Here’s the blends you get – Whole Food PhytoAlgae & Organic Mushroom Blend, Multi Color Whole Food Blend, Energizing and Cleansing Green Whole Food Blend, Strength and Endurance White Whole Food Blend, Defense and Repair Yellow Whole Food Blend, Brain Support Blue Whole Food Blend, Anti-Aging Red Whole Food Blend, Amino Acids Blend, Whole Food Omega Fatty Acid Blend, Enzyme Blend, Anti-Aging Blend, as well as Full Spectrum Probiotic Blend.

And that’s not even close to being all of it.

You also get Trans-Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10, Bioflavonoids, a Whole Food Fiber Complex, Korean Ginseng Root, PABA, RNA, DNA, Quercetin, Trace Mineral Complex, Chlorophyll, Rutin, Hesperidin, Eriocitrin, and Octacosanol.

Chlorophyll – One Among Many of The Beneficial Substances in Nature's Plus Source Of Life GoldThey claim that there are more than 120 wholefoods in the supplement. While I didn’t recount for naming the actual number, just by the looks of it, it’s definitely not far off.

All in all, just amazing stuff.

So, incredibly amazing in fact, that to list all of the potential benefits would definitely take quite a while. Which without question calls for a separate article just for the simple reasons of not oversaturating this one.

When it comes to additives there are also no negative encounters. All of those are completely safe to use long-term.

Finally, what regards to the price, it isn’t the most expensive one.

It costs $45,43 for a supply of 31 days (30 servings + 1 trial serving), which is the bargain of $1.47 a day. But you can get it even cheaper than that if you opt for using this link (iHerb). It will provide a small additional discount.

No. 7 | Pure Essence LifeEssence Men

Pure Essence LifeEssence Men Review – Great For Everyone (Even Women)Many might think this one’s only for men. The raw and honest truth is that it’s not. It’s way, way, way more than that.

Furthermore, anyone can take this regularly. Even women.

This is yet again an in of itself a resourceful supplement, which is further augmented by many various beneficial substances. All to make it a very diverse, very comprehensive and complete piece of a multivitamin.

Pure Essence as a manufacturer is all about combining decades of experience in formulating nutritional supplements with the ancient wisdom of holistic health and philosophy of pure ingredients. And in that, they are not only dedicated to providing awesome supplements, but they have also shown a clear commitment to the ecology of the planet.

Although GMP is the only official standard they adhere to, they’re philosophy and their purpose are ones to die for. Furthermore, they offer a 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee. The manufacturer is that confident that you will enjoy and that the product will be good for you.

And I stand behind them 100%.

Pure Essence LifeEssence Men is about 11 of the crucial vitamins, lacking the preformed retinol and vitamin K1. The latter vitamin will, however, be made up for through one of the blends that the supplement employs. Whereas, as for the minerals in the supplement – it has it all.

Pure Essence LifeEssence Men has Ginger Extract as One Of Its Ingredients For Male SupportWhen it comes to the amounts, all of them are generally sufficient. The exceptions to this would be the vitamin E, B9, B12, Calcium, and Magnesium. Also, the B1 and B2 are slightly off.

But either way none of these, however, are in amounts that I would consider completely miserable.

Pure Essence LifeEssence Men has some amounts of Carotenoids that come through the form of the additional beneficial substances of the supplement. Also, Choline and Inositol are not left out.

As I did mention already earlier, this supplement is much about the beneficial substances added to it. It has the SuperFood Complex, Herbal Extracts, Males Support Factors (which will by the way benefit also women), Bioflavonoids, Organic Vegetable Extracts, Antioxidants, Fruit Extracts, Co-Nutrients, Minerals blend, as well as the Digestive Aids and Enzymes blend.

All in all, truly amazing stuff.

And lastly, the additives – they’re all good. In fact, among them, there are not only ones that are harmless, but also those that are beneficial.

As for the price, it’s definitely quite in the middle. The supplement costs $44,99 for a supply of 30 days, which is $1.50 a day. You will, however, get an additional discount if you were to choose to order through this link (iHerb). On top of that, it also helps the website immensely and will be highly appreciated.

No. 8 | Pure Essence LifeEssence Multivitamin & Mineral

Pure Essence LifeEssence Multivitamin and Mineral ReviewHere’s an awesome double for the just discussed Pure Essence LifeEssence Men.

Although I do see this as a slightly less powerful version of that supplement, this one is still an amazing one. It’s the perfect alternative for anyone, who is not comfortable going with the labeled Men version of the supplement.

Pure Essence LifeEssence Multivitamin & Mineral offers much of the same nutrients that it’s labeled Men counter-part does. Much of the times the amounts are also the exact same. Only a few differ.

For the vitamins, we don’t see any kind of lack for neither the vitamin B1 nor the vitamin B2. Vitamin E is also in sufficient amounts. The only real lacklusters in this one are the typical Calcium and Magnesium in terms of the amounts. As for the rest, they’re all there.

Well, you might ask, why is it then that the Pure Essence LifeEssence Men ranks higher than this particular supplement?

Well, as for starters the nutrients in the Men counter-part are only slightly off. However, the biggest difference is much more evident when it comes to additional beneficial substances.

Pure Essence LifeEssence Multivitamin and Mineral Also Has Strawberries Among Its ContentsEssentially Pure Essence LifeEssence Multivitamin & Mineral has all of the same substances but Males Support Factors and Organic Vegetable blend, as well as it offers twice less the amounts of Mineral-blend.

In a few words, all of this means way less support to one’s sexual well-being, way less Vanadium, and Boron, as well as essentially no vitamin K1.

The additives are all the same.

However, obviously, there’s also a difference in the price.

The 120 Tablet version of the supplement comes in at $37.99, which is the equivalent of $1.27 a day. The 240 Tablet version will be even more of a bargain coming in at $67.99, which is $1.13 a day.

Using any of the links will also grant you a discount. So, essentially it will be even less than that.

No. 9 | Thorne Research Basic Nutrients IV

Thorne Research Basic Nutrients IV Review – The Best Multivitamin Supplement For Pregnant And Lactating WomenThe Thorne Research Basic Nutrients IV might not be as abundant as some of the supplements before or even after the supplements on this list.

It does, however, has one distinct and definite feature because of which it makes this supplement the best for a certain group of people.

I believe it is the best multivitamin supplement (definitely the safest anyway) in existence for pregnant and lactating women.

My wife took it all throughout the lactation process with some pretty amazing results (we hadn’t discovered it back when she was first pregnant). But there is no doubt in my mind that when it’ll come to her being pregnant again, this will be my choice for her.

Obviously, overall it could potentially do an even better job in providing all the right nutrients, however, it’s very close to the ideal composition in my opinion.

It offers 12 of the essential vitamins only missing the vitamin K1. You also get all of the 11 fundamental minerals plus Iron, which is extremely important for both pregnant and breastfeeding women.

As for the amounts, it typically lacks what most multivitamins lack – Magnesium and Calcium. In regards to vitamins, there is also an evident lack of vitamin B2 and B6. All in all, it’s not a complete disaster, but they sure could do a better job.

Thorne Research Basic Nutrients IV is Amazing For Pregnant And Breastfeeding WomenYou get some amounts of Choline and some singular Carotenoids but no Inositol.

Whereas the best part about the supplement is that it has no additional substances.

Wait?! What??

Yes, this is why Thorne Research Basic Nutrients IV is such an incredible multivitamin for pregnancy and lactation period.

The matter of the fact is that we don’t know how by far most of the beneficial substances may influence the women’s or the child’s health during these times. Therefore, it’s always the best approach to take extreme caution in things like that.

Thus, having only the right vitamins and minerals (including Carotenoids, Choline, Inositol) manufactured by adhering to arguably one of the highest standards for purity – that is the most reliable and most importantly the safest way how to go about this.

On top of that, when it comes to the additives – safe is also something that rings throughout them.

As regards the price, it costs $44.00 for a supply of 30 days, which is $1.47 a day. You will though get it even cheaper than that if you’ll use this link (iHerb). It will grant you an extra discount.

Alternatively, as much of the time iHerb is out of stock for this Amazon is by far your next best choice.

No. 10 | Super Nutrition Perfect Family Iron-Free

Super Nutrition Perfect Family Iron-Free Review – An Amazing OneSuper Nutrition Perfect Family Iron-Free is a very straightforward, hypoallergenic vegetarian supplement that flourishes in both the raw nutritional-side and the beneficial substance-side of it.

With all that it offers, it’s completely insane. It definitely keeps up with the rest of the supplements on this list.

On that same note, however, it is essentially twice less the price. So, it offers incredible overall value.

In fact, Super Nutrition is a manufacturer that actually promises that – the unequaled value for what it offers. Their promise is to always be offering comprehensive, antioxidant-rich full potency multi-vitamins that include formulas to support energy, immunity, strong bones and a healthy heart.

I absolutely love the fact they have a specific section only dedicated for the Science, which I do find very educational. On top of that, they also do offer a full money-back guarantee if after 30 days of using the multivitamin you do not feel a significant improvement in your health and well-being.

I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The Perfect Family Iron-Free offers every single one of the 13 essential vitamins. When it comes to minerals – it’s very abundant as well – only the Vanadium is missing. As for the amounts of these nutrients, it’s great as well.

Ginkgo Is Added To The Super Nutrition Perfect Family Iron-FreeThe only lackluster here for vitamins is the B12, which although in quite abundant amounts, yet doesn’t fit the PDVs.  For minerals – the mundane Calcium and Magnesium. However, they are only 100 mg off each, which is not bad at all.

The supplement also provides sufficient amounts of Choline and Inositol, while also offering high amounts of Beta Carotene and some amounts of Carotenoids.

Yet, in terms of additional beneficial substances, it has a lot to offer.

Truly a lot – Betaine (HCl), Bioflavonoids, DMG, Fatty Acid, Fiber, Ginkgo, GLA, Glutamic Acid, Hesperidin, L-Phenylalanine, Rutin, Sea Trace Minerals, L-Tyrosine, Mixed Tocopherols, as well as 1000 mg of Greenfood Blend and Nutritional Herb Blend each.

As for the additives, it does contain Citrus and Vanilla Flavoring, which generally might raise some red flags. But as for Super Nutrition, it’s highly doubtable. Other than that, it’s all good.

Lastly, as for the price, I did already mention the insane value it offers. In fact, the supplement costs $44.10 for a supply of 60 days, which is the equivalent of $0.74 a day. Which is bonkers.

And the price will be even lower than that if you were to choose to use this link (iHerb) when ordering. It will provide you with an additional discount.

No. 11 | Source Naturals Life Force Multiple No Iron

Source Naturals Life Force Multiple No Iron Review – To Conclude The Top 11While Source Naturals Life Force Multiple No Iron is not considered Vegetarian, in its very essence is quite similar to the Super Nutrition Perfect Family Iron-Free.

Meaning it is an extremely resourceful multivitamin supplement that also offers incredible value for its price.

Source Naturals adheres to the guiding principle of providing safe and superior quality products in everything that they do. In that, their utmost priority and aspiration are to enhance customers health and well-being.

Their quality control and laboratories seem to go an extra mile to ensure quality. There are though no third party assertions as to anything that would give away the quality they actually deliver.

Source Naturals Life Force Multiple No Iron provides with all of the 13 fundamental vitamins, as well as all of the minerals but the Vanadium.

In terms of the amounts, it could use some more vitamin B5 and B9, as well as the usual stuff – Calcium and Magnesium.

Silymarin Is One Of The Substances Found in Source Naturals Life Force Multiple No IronThe supplement offers considerable amounts of Carotenoids, as well as the strongest of all of them – Astaxanthin. Choline and Inositol are also present. So, are also a bunch of additional beneficial substances.

Among them – N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Silymarin, alpha-Lipoic Acid & R-Lipoic Acid, DMAE, Grape Seed Extract (Proanthodyn), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane [OptiMSM]), Hawthorn Berry Extract, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Turmeric Rhizome Extract, Quercetin, Natural trans-Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo Leaf Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Rutin, Black Pepper Fruit Extract.

So, a lot of additional benefits. And the best part – only harmless additives.

As for the expenses, I did already give some hints. It costs $32.55 for a supply of 45 days, which is $0.72 a day. But you can get it even cheaper than that if you decide to help me out and use this link (iHerb), which will also provide a discount for you.

Are There Any Other Awesome Multivitamins?

Yes, there certainly are.

In fact, the actual list of the best multivitamin supplements consisted of 33 various multivitamin supplements. For the time being, I’ve only given a description of the first 11 but throughout the year of 2019 I will be adding the rest.

Some of the highlights are No. 14 | Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men – the most value for price supplement on the list;
No. 18 | Thorne Research Basic Detox Nutrients – arguably the most potent multivitamin on this list, also the most expensive one.

Surely, there will be more. So, stay tuned for that.

Final Words On The Best Multivitamin Supplements

The Best Multivitamin Supplements – The Most Important Piece Of Nutrition for One's Health And Well-BeingMultivitamins are absolutely crucial for awesome health, well-being, and high performance.

More so than any other type of supplement out there.

These supplements generally offer a great variety of nutrients and beneficial substances, ultimately making them a hard nut to crack. This in a sense that, there are just so incredibly huge amounts of different ones. One can easily get lost, and be exploited by effective marketing.

This article was created with the idea in mind to change that. To put you in the place of power knowing what is actually good and what is only marketed that way.

I hope it made a difference for you and that it was both educational and helpful.

And if so, I would highly appreciate even one line in the comments to let me know. That helps a ton.

And in case you’re interested in more articles about crucial nutrition, definitely check out the article on the omega-3s as they’re extremely important for proper brain function. And there just might be something else on the website as well that you might find helpful and benefiting you.

Hope to see you in another article!

Cheers, Stay Healthy and Have An Awesome Day!

This article was last updated on 22 of December 2018. Merry Christmas! <3

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  • Erick

    January 12, 2019 - 01:09

    Thanks for the information that you provide on multivitamins. It can get confusing with everything on the internet. Is a trustworthy site? If so, could that information effect your rankings on multivitamins?


    • @MatissDzelve

      January 14, 2019 - 21:54

      Hey, Erick!

      You’re are very welcome!
      I can only agree, it can get rather confusing.
      I do consider a trustworthy site. And I do take it into account to some extent. However, I do not list supplements according to their quality rankings.

      This is because I feel they are more concerned with the actual quality testing and not multivitamin potency as such. Furthermore, many of what I feel are the top-notch multivitamins they do not test. For whatever reasons.

      I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, just let me know, Erick.

      Cheers and Have a Great One!

  • EmmaJ

    August 6, 2018 - 17:41

    I’ve always viewed supplements as a way of keeping me and others healthy. Our health is so incredibly important. Without it you can’t do anything properly and your performance can suffer because of that.

    I found this list very helpful! So, thank you for making the effort and putting it together.

    • Matiss Dzelve

      August 23, 2018 - 08:46

      Hey, EmmaJ!

      It’s my pleasure! And I’m glad you found it helpful. 🙂

      I also 100% agree that our health is in direct correlation with our performance, mental capabilities, energy levels, productivity and a whole list of other factors, which help us to feel better, live better and just overall be better in our very essence!

      Sorry, that I didn’t manage to schedule time to get back to you sooner. 🙂

      Cheers and Have an Awesome Day!

  • Crystal Lim

    July 31, 2018 - 22:11


    Thanks for the information on these supplements!

    I particularly like how you list out the pros and cons of these products. Easy to read and digest!

    One thing I am wondering is that I have heard that you actually can’t store some types of vitamins in your body over a day, so you have to take the supplements every day. Just want to ask is this condition limited to certain vitamins or it applies to everything?

    Also, because my mum is a vegan, so I guess she needs to take some vitamin B12. But one thing that confuses me is that is every manmade vitamin B12 vegan-friendly? If yes, do you know how exactly they are extracting those B12? Are the processes vegan-friendly as well?

    Sorry for asking so many questions at once, but would really like to hear!


    • Matiss Dzelve

      August 3, 2018 - 18:17

      Hey, Crystal!

      Awesome that you liked the article!

      To answer your first question – yes. Certain types of vitamins our bodies are not able to save up, so to say. In fact, they have to be consumed at least every 12 hours. From what I’ve heard that is the approximate amount of time, in which all of what’s accumulated is either used or excreted.

      This generally applies to all the vitamins that are water soluble (B and C vitamins). The fat soluble ones (A – retinol specifically, D, E and K vitamins) our bodies are able to store effectively and to those the 12 hour rule does not apply.

      As far as B12 vitamins go – it is abundant in products of animal kingdom, this is also why it’s generally widely known and considered as common knowledge that vegans have to pay more attention to this vitamin than the general population.

      Very rarely do a vitamin B12 supplement is vegan-friendly. If I recall this correctly, this is mostly because of the additives used in the supplement. However, every once in a while there you’ll encounter a vegan certified supplement.

      Yet, be wary. A lot of times there are other additives in those supplements that although are vegan-friendly, yet can be of health concern.

      And no need to apologize – I love your curiosity!


  • Michael Miller

    February 27, 2018 - 03:12

    I really like how much research you put into your site. You break things down so clearly. I do have a question about taking a multivitamin compared to taking single vitamins. Are there any problems with the vitamins absorbing into the bloodstream if you take them all at once? I am a big fan of getting the best bang for my buck but want to make sure what I take into my body is absorbed efficiently.

    • Matiss

      March 6, 2018 - 13:55

      Hey, Michael!

      I totally get where you’re coming from. For me this is really important as well.

      Okay, so this may seem a little contra-intuitive, but it is actually better to take multivitamins, especially if you will be taking those particular singular vitamins anyway.

      The thing is that vitamins themselves do not compete over absorption with one another. Our body can efficiently absorb them all at the same time. As for minerals, there are some, which in poor forms may be competing over each other. However, from what I know this does not happen with minerals that are in form of chelates. Nonetheless, some vitamins actually improve the absorption of certain minerals.

      Therefore, in terms of what your body is ultimately getting, you get more than if you were to consume those particular vitamins and minerals separately.

      Furthermore, there are professionals, who advocate that (and I agree with this 100%) that it is very important to consume either most vitamins and minerals through supplements or none as supplementing any singular vitamin or few vitamins can throw your body in a disbalance.

      And this will more than just likely bring more harm than good over a period of time. There are also studies, which support this. But do keep in mind that this does not apply to instances when one is seriously deficient regarding a specific vitamin or mineral.

      All in all vitamins and minerals always do work better in conjunction with each other.

      Stay healthy!

  • Michael Miller

    February 14, 2018 - 20:09

    Great article. I like how you broke it down into a summary with a link to show your sources for each one. I have tried multivitamins in the past and haven’t felt much of a difference. I know each of our bodies are different and need different amounts at different stages of our lives

    A question I have is it better to take a multi vitamin or is it better to take them as individual vitamins?

    • Matiss

      February 24, 2018 - 15:24

      Hey, Michael!

      Sorry that I couldn’t get back to you sooner.

      There is actually many reasons, why one may not feel any benefit from using multivitamin supplements. Don’t take it for a fact that they do not work, cause many people after trying some random supplements deem this as a placebo industry. But not all supplements are bad like that.

      I have a new article, in which I’ve summarised reasons, why most people that have used multivitamin supplements, does not feel any benefit. This is the article geared towards not using the proper kind of multivitamin. In the near future I’ll be publishing also an article on, why they might not work (you may not feel any benefit), if you are using a proper multivitamin (aka one of the best multivitamin supplements out there).

      As for our bodies being different, I may have came across in the article above as if nobody really knows, how much we need. But that was not my point. Cause we do know. (I’ll definitely need to make some adjustments to the article.)

      It is defined by the Prime Daily Values. The sense of us all being different is in the fact that some people regarding specific nutrients may need a bit more than Prime Daily Values, but some may need less. But for none will the 100% of Daily Value (the value percentage that is shown on a supplement label) be enough. I can’t stress this enough! Or you might have a percentage of NRV or some other system depending on where you live. I do go into detail on this in the article on Prime Daily Values.

      Okay, regarding your question. So, here’s the thing.
      On the top of my head I can think of only two reasons where taking individual vitamins would be better. Obviously, there might be some other more insignificant ones. So, here’s the two reasons.

      Do you know how few vitamins are water soluble (for example, B vitamins) and few are fat soluble (for example, D vitamins)? So, essentially when you’re taking a vitamin D you have to consume it together with fat for better absorption. Therefore, most vitamin D supplements as one of the additives contain some kind of oil. And this is also the reason, why D vitamin supplements can be taken any time of the day.
      On the other hand, multivitamins are recommended to take with the biggest meals of the day as usually these meals will on their own contain some sort of fat.

      Thus, if you were to take a multivitamin that does not have some sort of fat in it not with your meal, then the singular vitamin D supplement would be better.

      The other reason is that usually minerals do compete with one another for absorption (for example, Magnesium and Calcium). Therefore, using an multivitamin that has poor forms of these kinds of minerals in a way make them to cancel each other out. So, it’s extremely important in what forms they come. Thus, if they come in that multivitamin supplement in the wrong forms so to say, it’s much, much better to use them separately.
      Regarding the best multivitamin supplements here, you need not worry about this as I do take that into account.

      All in all it’s much, much, much better to take multivitamins. There certainly are many reasons for this, but I guess the most important reason is regarding additives.
      The thing is that when you buy an individual vitamin supplement it usually has 3-4, sometimes 2 additives that are in there. On the other hand, we have the best multivitamin supplements that usually have like 3-5 additives (this is, however, not the case with typical multivitamins as they have way more additives).

      So, we have 27 nutrients that we need daily (28 for menstruating women). If you were to have all your vitamins each in a separate supplement that has on average 3-4 additives, you’ll end up with consuming 81-108 additives a day. They may all not be different, but either way it’s way too much and essentially it burdens your body way too much (with which can come also other problems long-term wise or even short-term).

      Have a Great Day, Michael!

  • Amanda

    February 11, 2018 - 23:01

    Hi there,
    This is a really interesting and informative article. It’s great that there is some information out there to give guidance on this confusing topic. I have some questions:
    – if you have a healthy diet, is there any need to take vitamin supplements?
    I am vegan – It is recognised that Vitamin B12 should be taken as a supplement – what would you recommend?
    Thank you !
    Best wishes

    • Matiss

      February 14, 2018 - 17:10

      Hey, Amanda!

      Let me just say that these are some awesome questions! And that I really appreciate your input!

      So, should one take vitamin supplements, if that one has a healthy diet?

      I like how Dr. Mark Hyman puts this and I agree with this 100%:
      I don’t think people need vitamins and they are a waste of money. . . That is only if they eat wild, fresh, whole, organic, local, nongenetically modified food grown in virgin mineral- and nutrient-rich soils and not transported across vast distances and stored for months before being eaten. And if they work and live outside, breathe only fresh unpolluted air, drink only pure, clean water, sleep nine hours a night, move their bodies every day, and are free from chronic stressors and exposure to environmental toxins.
      Then we don’t need vitamins.
      But, of course, I have described absolutely no one on the planet. In reality we all need vitamins.
      Most people don’t understand the role of vitamins and minerals in our bodies. I certainly didn’t when I finished medical training.”

      Therefore, yes! Even if you do promote a very healthy diet, you need vitamins. However, I do feel like it should be extensively explained as to why exactly the answer to the question is “Yes”. Hence, it must be further clarified and explained.

      This is also, why I’m currently working on an article specifically regarding this matter. I hope to publish it sometime next week.

      As regards to vegan friendly B12MegaFood Methyl B12 is a pretty viable choice. There are also other options that I would recommend over this one regarding the B12 specifically, but I found that although harmless, some of their additives may be produced from sources that can’t be considered vegan. It’s not necessarily that way, but the possibility can’t be disregarded.

      Nonetheless, this option not only will provide with Vitamin B12, but will also promote Methylation & Sulfation process within the body, which is extremely good. It will work great as an addition to any one of the best multivitamin supplements listed here, as well as on its own.

      Have a Great Day & Take Care!

  • RN Didi

    February 11, 2018 - 19:46

    I like the charts for every three supplements, as they help us compare the advantages and disadvantages of each multivitamin.

    I personally haven’t been taking one, but I’m not entirely closed to the idea of adding one to my regimen.

    However, I have a question on MVI (multivitamins), as there seems to be some kind of controversy around them. I was listening to an interview the other day, done by Ty Bollinger (a natural alternative treatment advocate) who was, with a certain Dr. Nuzum, saying that MVIs are not as beneficial as one may think. They were basically saying that most MVIs go inside of the body through our digestive system, to finally end up at the end of this system, untouched….

    Hence, I’ve always thought MVI were little miracle cures in a pill…but I wanted to know your opinion on that matter. You seem to have good options here, would know how much we’re getting absorbed per pill?

    Thanks for your answer!

    • Matiss

      February 14, 2018 - 16:50

      Hey, RN Didi!

      Were they implying that multivitamins only make our urine more expensive?

      If so, there is actually no way to easily refute this. What I mean is that it’s in my opinion certainly not enough, if I only subjectively challenge any such assertions. However, I myself truly believe that this is not true. It can be true giving certain circumstances, but it’s not something that should typically happen. Inflammation within digestive system, poor vitamin forms, hardly possible to digest additives – are just some of the possible reasons, which come to mind.

      Right now I am working on an article to as objectively as possible refute this. But the thing is that it is something that doctors have disputed about for pretty much as long as supplements exist.

      But be that as it may, that how much we are actually absorbing per pill is very highly dependent on the health of each individual’s digestive system. And along with many other factors extremely important are the forms that vitamins come in.

      If there are huge problems within the digestive system even the best and the easiest forms to absorb (most bioavailable forms) won’t help to acquire that vitamin in one’s system. And vice-versa, if the digestive system is healthy, having the absolute worst forms of vitamins will also have very little benefit. Hence, it highly depends from person to person.

      There are, for example, studies that suggest that typically Riboflavin (B2 in its free form) is 95% absorbable or that Biotin (B7 in its free form) is 99% absorbable. But this also may vary from a person to a person, for example, there can be a vitamin form that a particular person can’t absorb because of some unique way of how that person’s body absorbs that vitamin. Because we all are different.
      Therefore, it’s quite impossible to give a single percentage as to how much of the pill is absorbed.

      However, I can assure that the list of multivitamin supplements here are the best at actually making a positive difference within our bodies. This is because essentially I put a lot of emphasis on how well the nutrients will be absorbed when I’m doing the full reviews on the multivitamin supplements.

      One last thing, I truly appreciate your input, RN Didi! And I’m also glad you found the charts helpful.

      Hope this helps!
      Have a Great Day!

  • Lizzie B

    February 11, 2018 - 06:03

    Thanks for your review on these multivitamins! I’ve been looking for some good ones recently, for both myself and my husband.

    It really looks like your #1 choice has the best positives and fewest negatives. Do you have any suggestions for filling up those few things the multivitamin may not get? Are there good foods or activities that would help fill those needs in humans?


    • Matiss

      February 14, 2018 - 16:25

      Hey, Lizzie!

      Thank you for your questions, all questions are always welcome! 🙂

      Few days ago as I started to reply, I realised that it will take up too much of the comment section just to post the full answer here. Therefore, I did a separate article on how to round off supplementation according to Prime Daily Values.

      From the article I linked here it is already evident that in my opinion the best way to deal with any nutrients that a specific multivitamin does not provide (or provides too less of) is to supplement those with additional supplements. This is mainly because, Prime Daily Values are the amounts of nutrients you should get daily with supplements. Therefore, all of the nutrients from our diet are in theory already accounted for.

      Nonetheless, supposedly you could also make a simple big green cocktail with spinach, kiwis and some apple juice, which should cover the magnesium and calcium that, for example, Multithera lacks. For some extra calcium also oranges would help.
      And this may seem like a good idea, however, keep in mind that such a cocktail should be taken every day preferably for the rest of one’s life. Whereas, such a cocktail preferably should be taken each day anyway. In fact, it is advisable that a person daily obtains 1200 – 1500 mg of calcium from the diet alone.

      As for Vitamin B12, it’s really impossible to pick up 300 mcg through diet alone. Therefore, it should preferably be supplemented. Therefore, if you want to obtain the full amounts of what’s defined by Prime Daily Values, do it through supplements. In the article I linked previously, I have listed few viable options.

      As for foods and activities – whatever your typical diet is, eat no less than 8 medium-sized fruits or vegetables a day, exercise, take time to relax, improve your sleep patterns (which in my experience doesn’t always mean to sleep more) and challenge your brain every day.

      All of this will help you to strengthen your health and mind!

      Have a Great Day!

  • YouChoose4U

    February 11, 2018 - 02:57

    Are any of the supplements you’ve mentioned in this post FDA approved? I’ve been seeing commercials about some supplements starting to be FDA approved.

    I really enjoy how you broke down the positives and negatives and gave me a much clearer idea of which one I’m going to further research.

    • Matiss

      February 12, 2018 - 00:34


      I did research quite a bit, yet I didn’t find any supplements that are FDA approved or starting to become FDA approved. FDA themselves claim to not approve supplements, because this is above their authority. Also no such thing exists as an approved FDA laboratory or facility. [R] [R] [R] [R]
      Therefore, I do believe that any such commercials are simply some kind of misleading practice.

      If you’re wondering about the safety of the nutrient doses (for quite some people this might be the case), they are more than safe to intake. And not only that, but they are absolutely necessary in order to achieve optimal health. More on this in the article on Prime Daily Values and individually in each of the full reviews.

      Other than that, I’m very, very glad you found this helpful!

      Have a great day!

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